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Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Floors

We are shopping for new floors. We are going to try bamboo floors, they are really beautiful. The only bad thing is that we are going to do it ourselves. Scary!!! Sean has a friend that used to do floors for a living so, he is going to help us. Even more scary is that we are also going to put tile in our kitchen. I'm not worried about the work, I just don't want it to look ugly. I think it will be worth doing all the work ourselves, because we will be saving so much money.Wish us luck.


Paula said...

Good Luck with your floors! Brad paints furniture and that is the extent of our "do it yourself" projects. I am not even allowed to paint. If I want Brad to hurry and get something painted, all I have to do is threaten to paint it myself!
Anyway, I am sure *your* floors will turn out beautifully. I have heard good things about bamboo floors and I have seen them on HGTV, which is my fav. channel. Donna got me hooked.
Oh and I should have shown you my "closet of returns" in my back bedroom. Talk about scary! I have quite a shopping addiction myself.

Donna said...

Ya'll came by the shopping addition honestly.
I think "doing it yourself" it great. We used to do that when we were young. Ron doesn't like to do anything now. Big plans, no action. He did put up the crib last night. He will do anything to spend more time with the grandkids.