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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last Sunday our church rented a huge slide and put out baby pools and slip and slides for the younger ones for 4th of July. Austin and Alexia had so much fun, but it started to rain. The weather ended it kind of early. They both wore red,white, and blue clothes but I forgot to take their picture, they looked really cute and patriotic. Later in the week on Wednesday, we woke up and took the kids to IHOP. It was delicious! Then we jetted over to see Transformers at the theater. We all really liked it, at first I thought Sean and Austin would be the only ones to enjoy it, but we all really thought it was good. After the movie, we went to Dad and Moms for a delicious BBQ. We had marinated ribeyes, pork, chicken, potato salad, beans, apple pie and ice cream. YUM! Of course I never took my camera out to take pictures, but we had a nice time. Later that night we popped fireworks. What a fun day, Happy 4th of July.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Alexia got a new bike without training wheels and is determined to learn how to ride it. She had an old bike with training wheels on them, but every time she rode it she would fall. So now she is afraid to ride a bike, she is almost seven and is wanting to learn before her birthday. Sean has been working with her every night, but no luck yet. I tried to help her but almost passed out after about ten minutes of running down the street.

Sean and Austin went and saw pro wrestlers for WWE last weekend. Sean has been waiting since Austin was a baby for him to get into wrestling and now Austin loves it. They got to sit on the third row and Austin got to shake hands with some of the wrestlers. His favorite is John Cena (the picture in the middle). They had so much fun. Alexia and I had some "girl time" and went shopping and to the movie. We went and saw Nancey Drew, it was pretty cute.