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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Girls Day Out

Mom and Alexia before the massage started.
Mom after the massage. So relaxing!

Saturday was such a fun day because it was my 34th birthday. There were a couple of arts and crafts festivals around town so we decided to make it a "girls day out". We got some cute things like earrings, fall decorations, and of course yummy goodies from the bake sale. It became so hot around 1 o'clock that we decided to leave and go eat lunch. After, we weren't ready to call it a day, so we went and got our nails done. We all got French Manicures. Really Pretty! What a nice day, I love to spend time together with my whole family, but "girl days" are so special. These are memories that Lexi will have forever. Later that evening Sean took me to eat dinner at Copland's Seafood Restaurant. It was delicious as always. Thank you all for making my Birthday so special.