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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last Sunday our church rented a huge slide and put out baby pools and slip and slides for the younger ones for 4th of July. Austin and Alexia had so much fun, but it started to rain. The weather ended it kind of early. They both wore red,white, and blue clothes but I forgot to take their picture, they looked really cute and patriotic. Later in the week on Wednesday, we woke up and took the kids to IHOP. It was delicious! Then we jetted over to see Transformers at the theater. We all really liked it, at first I thought Sean and Austin would be the only ones to enjoy it, but we all really thought it was good. After the movie, we went to Dad and Moms for a delicious BBQ. We had marinated ribeyes, pork, chicken, potato salad, beans, apple pie and ice cream. YUM! Of course I never took my camera out to take pictures, but we had a nice time. Later that night we popped fireworks. What a fun day, Happy 4th of July.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Alexia got a new bike without training wheels and is determined to learn how to ride it. She had an old bike with training wheels on them, but every time she rode it she would fall. So now she is afraid to ride a bike, she is almost seven and is wanting to learn before her birthday. Sean has been working with her every night, but no luck yet. I tried to help her but almost passed out after about ten minutes of running down the street.

Sean and Austin went and saw pro wrestlers for WWE last weekend. Sean has been waiting since Austin was a baby for him to get into wrestling and now Austin loves it. They got to sit on the third row and Austin got to shake hands with some of the wrestlers. His favorite is John Cena (the picture in the middle). They had so much fun. Alexia and I had some "girl time" and went shopping and to the movie. We went and saw Nancey Drew, it was pretty cute.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Deck

Last weekend we built our new deck. Dad brought us to Home Depot with his truck and trailer to help us pick out all the things we needed. Sean did such a great job. He worked on it Saturday and a little on Sunday. Austin, Alexia and I helped as much as we could without getting in the way. When Sean works around the house it's just best to stay out of the way, but I was proud of him because he was very patient with us. I love my new deck, it's so nice to be in the back yard now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where to Start............

Ok, lets start with a few months ago. We have had a busy past few months. We've had softball games, school functions, end of school parties, vacations, painting, and much more. I take so long between blogs that this might take a while.

First, Austin made the softball team this year and we had so much fun going to all the games. They only won one game, but it was still fun! I have to mention that Austin is going into the 6th grade and will be in junior high! I can't believe I have an 11 year old. Am I really that old?

Lets see we've painted both of the kids rooms. We ripped up the carpet and painted the concrete. It looks pretty good, any things better than the stained carpet that was in there before. I think we're going to do our room next, along with our long list of to do's. We're going to put in a wood deck in our back yard. I just have to wait until Sean is up to it. He works really hard and long in the heat, so it might be a while. The list never ends of things I want to do to the house, at least that's what Sean thinks.

We went to Disney the day after school let out. We went for seven days of fun. We really had so much fun and didn't want to leave. We went to all four parks and both water parks. We also got the diner plan and got to eat so much food, we were actually getting tired of eating. Ok, not really but it was alot of food. That made our trip to Disney perfect. I seriously could go back every year. I do have to say though by the end of the week my feet hurt so bad, because Sean made us rush to every single ride and show so we could see it all. We were tagging along behind him because we have to take about 3 steps for every 1 step he takes. Other than the sprint running we had a fabulous time.

Also, Mom and Donna you aren't the only ones who love to plant flowers and work out in the yard. I thought I would post some pictures of my yard also.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell , that Alexia got a princess make over at Down Town Disney. She loved it! She got to walk around the rest of the day with her beautiful makeover. She was so cute! The boys (Austin and Sean) were a little jealous so we had to get them a make over too, for some reason it just didn't look as cute.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sharing Some Pictures

I haven't done my blog in so long I decided to share some pictures.


We couldn't wait! About mid way through winter we start wanting crawfish and we couldn't wait another day. After Alexia's soccer game we decided to boil some up and they were delicious. I know you guys up in Arkansas can't appreciate the greatness of a delicious crawfish, but we absolutely love them. We had a great time. YUM YUM!

Soccer Queen

Alexia scored five times. She was awesome! This is the first year she has played and she is really enjoying herself. We are so proud of her.